California Withholding Calculator

2020 Withholding Calculator

Find out how much California state tax will be withheld from your paycheck based on how you fill out your Form DE4.


There are two boxes for input, "Income" and "Form DE 4". In "Income", first fill out how often you are paid. Note that "Biweekly" means every two weeks, or 26 times per year, while "Semi-monthly" means twice per month, or 24 times per year. Then fill out how much you are paid, either per paycheck or per year. If you have any non-taxable deductions from your gross income like 401k or FSA contributions, include those in the Deductions box.

Then, in "Form DE 4" you can see how filling out your DE 4 will impact your withholding. Refer to Form DE 4 itself for instructions. The fields in the "Form DE 4" box correspond to the fields you can change when you file your Form DE 4 with your employer.

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